Unable to connect to a shared Printer? Check out this…

Firstly, let me make something clear! There is a difference between a network printer and a shared printer. A shared printer is a printer installed on a workstation locally through a USB connection, and then shared so that other workstations can print to it via the network. A network printer on the other hand a printer connected directly to the network through a network cable to its network interface card NIC.

Experience has shown that there is difficulty atimes whereby some systems cannot connect to these shared printers. Most of the times, the error report gotten is that ‘access is denied’, especially when a system that is not a member of the domain tries to connect to one that is a member of the domain, or different operating systems present in the two systems trying to share the printer.

However the case might be, I have got a few steps for you to take to connect to your shared printer (assuming that you have tried the conventional methods and they did not work)!

  1. Open the Printers Windows Explorer
  2. Click on Add Printers
  3. Choose Add a Local Printer
  4. Click on Create a new port. The default in the drop down box is Local Port. Do not change that.
  5. Click Next.
  6. A dialogue box will appear asking for you to enter a port name. Type in the box \\computer name\printer name ie. If my computer’s name is oobsat and the shared printer name is HPColorL so I typed in \\oobsat\HPColorL
  7. Click ok

    Hope this helps someone!


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