How to change a ‘guest account’ to ‘Administrator account’ in Windows 7

Sometime in 2012, I experienced something that looked like a shock to me in Windows 7. After installing Windows, I created an account which of course had an Admin privilege. For some unknown reasons this account later changed to an account type of ‘guest’ and you could not seem to change it back to Administrator account. If you tried to do anything with security, like changing the account type or adding a new user you got a message asking for the administrator password to continue, but in that message it didn’t even have a place to key in a password! I was completely stuck for what to do to correct this.  Usually, one would simply right click on the command prompt, and choose Run As Administrator and then enable the administrator account. But, in this case it still asked for the administrator password to continue.

The solution was unraveled as thus:

  1. Restart the system and boot to Safe-Mode (to boot to safe mode, keep taping F8 button when the system restarts, then choose safe mode with command prompt.
  2. When the system boots to safe mode, you will see the administrator account. The administrator account has no password by default, unless someone changed it. So click the Administrator account to log in
  3. You will then see the command prompt. Type net user administrator /active:yes (this will enable the hidden built-in administrator account)
  4. Restart the system to boot normal now
  5. Click the administrator account to login
  6. Then you can go to control panel > user accounts to create more accounts or edit accounts privileges or do other administrative operations on the system.
  7. Please Note! This administrator account does not have a password. Therefore you need to disable it after recovering your account, or assign a password to it. Otherwise, your system becomes vulnerable to unauthorized access/attacks. To disable the administrator account, type net user administrator /active:no

Good luck!


3 Responses to How to change a ‘guest account’ to ‘Administrator account’ in Windows 7

  1. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly feel this amazing site needs much
    more attention. I’ll probably be returning tto read more, thanks for the advice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • can npt get back to administrator from guest as no password i know work and when i exit guest the screen goes blan


      • Hi Larry, did you follow the steps properly? If you did, you will be able to enter your desktop through your admin profile and from there you can assign passwords to either or both of the guest account and admin account.

        However, if you can’t get passed where you’re stuck right now, kindly email us detailing what you have done so far and the exact challenge you have. That will help us solve your problem easily! email –



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