Keyboard Shortcuts


keyboard2Do you want to enhance your productivity at work? Do you always want to click with your mouse to get your work done? Or, what do you do when your mouse malfunctions? Do you want to get work done faster?

Use keyboard shortcuts!

Quite a number of people are familiar with these key combinations, but can seem to forget once in a while, especially if not used for a long time.  Here you will have a quick reference to them. Others can learn a bit of thing from the ones we have presented here.

In any case, one thing is paramount: ALWAYS PRACTICE the use of these shortcuts, and get them mastered…

S/No Key combination Action
1 Ctrl + A Select all (or highlight all)
2 Ctrl + B Change highlighted text to be bold
3 Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Ins) Copy selected text
4 Ctrl + D Open Font dialog box (MS Word)
5 Ctrl + E Make selected text Center align
6 Ctrl + F Open Find window
7 Ctrl + G Open Go to window
8 Ctrl + H Open Replace window
9 Ctrl + I Change selected text to be in italics
10 Ctrl + J Make selected text Justify align
11 Ctrl + K Insert hyperlink
12 Ctrl + L Make select text left align
13 Ctrl + M Indent 0.5 inches (MS Word)
14 Ctrl + N Create a new document
15 Ctrl + O Open saved document
16 Ctrl + P Print
17 Ctrl + Q Expand vertical cell in a table
18 Ctrl + R Make selected text right align
19 Ctrl + S Save
20 Ctrl + U Change selected text to be underlined
21 Ctrl + V (or Shift + Ins) Paste copied text
22 Ctrl + W (or alt+ F4) Close window
23 Ctrl + X (or Shift + Del) Cut selected text
24 Ctrl + Y Redo the Undo
25 Ctrl + Z Undo
26 Ctrl + Home Goes to the beginning of the document
27 Ctrl + End Goes to the end of the document
28 Ctrl + Esc Opens the start menu
29 Ctrl + Shift + Esc Opens windows task manager
30 Ctrl + Left Arrow Moves one word to the left at a time
31 Ctrl + Right arrow Moves one word to the right at a time
32 Ctrl + Backspace Deletes a word to the left one at a time
33 Ctrl + Delete Deletes a word to the right one at a time
34 Ctrl + ] Increase selected text font size
35 Ctrl + [ Decrease selected text font size
36 Alt +Tab Switch between open programs
37 Alt + F5 Restore the size of the active window after you maximize it.
38 Alt + F10 Maximize or restore a selected window.
39 F1 Help
40 F2 renames the selected icon, files and folder
41 F3 Opens search feature when at the desktop
42 F12 Display the Save As dialog box
43 Shift +F3 Toggles the selected text to be first letter capital, all letters capital or all letters small. Press more than once .

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