How to Fix Hidden (File/Folder) Option That Can’t be Unchecked?

Take a look at this image:

HiddenYou may have experienced a situation where you have a lot of files and folders inside a disk drive and suddenly the drive appears empty, or perhaps some files and folder are missing. The picture above is the property of a hidden file. If you carefully look at the attributes you will see that the option Hidden is checked. And you will not be able to uncheck this, because this option is disabled.

In this situation you need to view the files/folder by unchecking the protected operating system files from folder options. When you do this, very annoying things happen as this option reveals many unnecessary files with your required files.

Now… Let me show you how you can make these files/folders not to be hidden again, especially when Hidden attribute can’t be unchecked.


  1. HiddenPress Windows Logo Key + R. Or simply open your Run Command
  2. Type cmd and press Enter and you will see command prompt window.
  3. Now type this command: attrib -s -h F:\*.* /s /d

This will unhide all files and folders of the drive F. Remember F is name of the drive in which you want to run the operations. If you wanna unhide the folders of any other drive ie. D, then type D instead of F.


3 Responses to How to Fix Hidden (File/Folder) Option That Can’t be Unchecked?

  1. Anony**** says:

    i changed attribute of my files into hidden and system files on my memory card and next time when i wanted to uncheck both options i was unable to do so but now finally this trick (attrib -s -h H:\*.* /s /d) worked for me, thank u so much 🙂


  2. Prasaja Adhi says:

    Thank You very much…. !!


  3. Hemant says:

    Thaaaaaaaanx a Lot 🙂


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