Help and Support Screen Keep Popping Up When Windows Starts

offlinehelpA friend brought a laptop that keeps popping up ‘Help and Support’ screen whenever Windows is fully loaded and as such you can not seem to do anything else.

Really a lot of people have this kinda issue and I see a lot of people asking this question. So try this, perhaps this will help you if you are still having the problem or others have the problem.

It is not like the “Help and Support” was saying anything, but it is. It is telling you that it was trying to open an unsupported help file (something you installed shows a help file when you login after a reboot).  So basically, if you are using an older program that has help files that aren’t supported by Windows 7 or Vista it comes up with a general Help and Support screen saying it couldn’t open the help file, but will not tell you which one or give you any idea as to which help file was having issues.

But in my friend’s case, it was an incomplete Windows update that was abruptly  stopped. So all you need to do is, go to System Restore, locate the last software install or Windows Update install, then roll it back. If that restore point does not solve your problem, try the next restore point.

In my case, the latest restore point fixed the issue.


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