How to Convert Your DVD Movies Into MP4 movies

How to convert your DVD movies into MP4 movies

Do you have some of your movies still on those DVD disks? Perhaps your DVD player isn’t working anymore? Or, you want to play the file from your computer and it’s a long thing trying to decode which files to play in the too many folder/files format of DVD?

Recall that DVD technology is gradually phasing out… A lot of folks now simply connect their usb memory stick on the usb ports of their TV and get their movies playing! You do want to convert those DVDs to MP4? Let’s look at these steps….

  1. Use a software called HandBrake! Download from their site (CLICK HERE), and then install on your computer.untitled
  2. After install, open the software
  3. Insert the DVD you want to convert into MP4.
  4. On HandBrake, choose the source of the DVD which is your DVD Drive.
  5. Finally, click Start Encoding

It takes a while to complete. So relax and grab a cup of coffee while you wait. Don’t forget to share to your friends, and you do not need to thank us. We are delighted to help you, always!


How to Merge Various MP3 Tracks into One MP3 Track file

How to Merge Various MP3 Tracks into One MP3 Track file

Most people do not actually know that you can easily do a whole lot of computer works so easily and simply.. Like how to join your MP3 music tracks and make all of them become one file that will play non stop. You don’t need to click on any NEXT for the next tracks.

The import of joining your music files can stem from the need to categorize different kinds of musics – gospel, hip hop, reggae, blues, etc.

Let us see these simple steps to joining music files:

  1. Open a Command Prompt – you can do this by opening search on the Start menu and then typing Command Prompt, then click it when it pops outuntitled1untitled
  2. On the Command Prompt, navigate to the folder where your music files are.
    • in my case the folder is on my desktop. So I type cd  C:\Users\sylvudo\Desktop\Songs where sylvudo is the username for my PC and Songs is the folder where my music files are. Press Enter.
  3. Finally type copy /b *.mp3 newfile.mp3. Press Enter. This will copy all MP3 files inside Songs folder on your desktop and merge them into one MP3 file called newfile.

The newfile will be inside the same folder as other MP3 files. You can then simply copy it out to the location where you want.