Have You Seen the New Airtel Nigeria Data bundles?

airtelAirtel Nigeria has introduced a 4-in-1 voice, data, SMS and social bundle, tagged Unliminet Bundle. The product also offers customers unlimited access to chat on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger and Instagram at no cost.
Officially unveiled recently at the company’s head office in Banana Island, Lagos, it comes in four variants (the daily, weekly, monthly and Monthly Max plans) which are accessible by dialing *489#.

The daily plan offers customers 10 Megabyte data, 3 minutes talk time to any network and 3 SMS to any network while the weekly plan offers 60 Megabyte of data, 60 minutes of talk time to any network and 20 SMS to any network.
Customers who subscribe to the monthly plan will get one gigabyte of data, 180 minutes talk time to any network and 100 SMS to any network, while monthly max offers 2 gigabyte of data, 300 minutes talk time to any network and 100 SMS to any network.


Now You Can Be Tracked By Websites you visit via Your Device Battery Status

battery-iconsIn one of the newest development in the IT Industry, Website owners keen on tracking internet users have yet another means of doing so by simply requesting for it from the browser. This is courtesy of a feature the W3C added to HTML5 that lets a website interrogate the state of a visitor’s battery.
According to the research paper by International Association for Cryptologic Research, “all the information exposed by the Battery Status API is available without users’ permission or awareness.” The original rationale behind the spec was that if a server could access a user’s battery state, it could send out a lighter and less resource demanding version of a page for someone with low battery remaining, and heavier versions for people with full battery life. “Although the potential privacy problems … were discussed by Mozilla and Tor Browser developers as early as 2012 [when the API was introduced], neither the API nor the Firefox implementation has undergone a major revision,” the paper states.

Battery properties available to websites include the level, chargingTime, and dischargingTime by calling the navigator.getBattery() method in JavaScript. “When consecutive visits are made within a short interval, the website can link users’ new and old identities by exploiting battery level and charge/discharge times. The website can then reinstantiate users’ cookies and other client side identifiers, a method known as respawning,” the paper claims.
“Note that, although this method of exploiting battery data as a linking identifier would only work for short time intervals, it may be used against power users who can not only clear their cookies but can go to great lengths to clear their evercookies.” The API is only implemented in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera at the moment.

Hackers Attack Antivirus Company’s Server, Steal Sensitive Data

downloadIn an interesting twist, one the most popular and much-respected Antivirus and computer security firms BitDefender has recently been hacked and has had a portion of its customer data leaked.

The data breach on BitDefender is incredibly embarrassing for the security firm, not merely because the company failed to prevent its customers data from hackers, but also because the reputed computer security company did not encrypt its customers’ most sensitive data.

The hacker, who uses the online alias DetoxRansome, managed to break into a Bitdefender server that hosted the cloud-based management dashboards for its small and medium-sized business clients, and extracted usernames and passwords belonging to these clients. This is because these details were saved in a plain unencrypted form.

The Romanian security company admitted its system was breached and said that the attack on its system didn’t penetrate the server, but a security hole “potentially enabled exposure of a few user accounts and passwords.”

After demanding a $15,000 ransom which the firm refused to pay, the hackers uploaded a list of over 250 usernames and passwords over the internet.

“The issue was immediately resolved, and additional security measures have been put in place to prevent its reoccurrence. Our investigation revealed no other server or services were impacted,” said that company’s spokesperson.

BitDefender is currently working with law enforcement to investigate the issue.

Windows 10 Operating System

Do you run Windows 7 or Windows 8 or 8.1 on your computer? There is a good news for you. YOU WILL LOVE WINDOWS 10! But that’s not even the good news though…


Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade to people using Windows 7 and Windows 8 & 8.1, enabling hundreds of millions of people around the world to upgrade to Windows 10 for free!

Did I hear you scream “what’s the big deal??!” Well, if you have not bought an Operating System from the market for an upgrade to a previous edition, you would not understand how much you would save for getting a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Now let us take a look at some features…

Over the past six years since Windows 7 was released, Microsoft has made its PC operating system far more intuitive and powerful by packing it with tablet- and smartphone-like features. A lot of those features debuted with Windows 8, but they still weren’t working perfectly. Microsoft went back to the drawing board with Windows 10 to develop an operating system that will be familiar to Windows 7 users but doesn’t compromise on modern features. Windows 10 has a Start Menu, just like Windows 7 — only better.

150220164556-windows-10-start-menu-small-780x439Windows 10 will help people be more productive and have more fun, with a personal and natural experience that works across all their devices. Familiar, yet better than ever, Windows 10 will deliver ongoing feature innovations and security updates. Windows 10 brings back the Start menu people know and love, while enabling them to easily find their files, pinned applications and favorites. Windows 10 starts fast, resumes fast and helps enable batteries to last longer. More secure than ever, Windows 10 includes Windows Hello, Microsoft Passport and Windows Defender for anti-malware protection, and a commitment to deliver free ongoing security updates for the supported lifetime of the device. Optimized for both keyboard and touch, the Windows 10 upgrade is designed to be compatible with Windows devices and applications.

Windows 10 provides some design changes that Windows 7 users will welcome. For example, taskbar icons glow at the bottom when they are opened, but only the app icon that is currently being used is completely highlighted. In Windows 7, all open apps are highlighted, confusingly.

How do you upgrade?
On July 29, 2015 people can get Windows 10 for PCs and tablets by taking advantage of the free upgrade offer, or on new Windows 10 devices. New Windows 8.1 devices will also easily upgrade to Windows 10, and many retail stores will help upgrade new devices. Starting today, people can reserve their free upgrade if they choose. More information is available at Windows.com. You can also contact us at info@sylvudointegrated.com or call +2348071156496 for assistance.

Yes, it’s free. This is a full version of Windows, not a trial or introductory version. It is available for a limited time:  you have one year from the time Windows 10 is available to take advantage of this offer.

Microsoft is making Windows 10 available as free upgrade for qualified Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. It will be available starting July 29, 2015; people can reserve their free upgrade today.

You only have until July 29, 2016 to take advantage of this offer. Once you upgrade, you have Windows 10 for free on that device.

Just open the Get Windows 10 app (For devices running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update with Windows Update enabled, the app shows up automatically as a Windows icon in your system tray at the bottom right-hand side of your screen.) and click reserve.

  • Click on the small Windows icon located at the lower right side of the taskbar.
  • Click ‘Reserve your free upgrade’ when prompted.

There’s no obligation and you can cancel your reservation at any time. After you reserve, Microsoft will download Windows 10 to your device when it’s available. Then Microsoft will notify you when your device is ready to install the upgrade.

The easiest way to get the free upgrade is to reserve, but you can upgrade even if you don’t reserve.

Once Windows 10 is available, Microsoft’ll begin notifying devices that their free upgrade is available. Just open the Get Windows 10 app to schedule your upgrade. Note: Some notifications will go out as soon as Windows 10 is available; others may go out in the weeks or months following.

So get ready for a whole new world of Windows OS. You can contact us for more information.

Email: info@sylvudointegrated.com
phone: +2348071156496

First humans to travel to planet Mars in hibernation state…. find out how!

141007123531-01-mars-hibernate-horizontal-galleryAnother milestone study done for NASA foresees astronauts to travel to Mars in unconscious state with their metabolism switched into slow motion. Six astronauts lie motionless in a row of compartments with medical monitoring cables connected to their bodies, as their space ship cuts through the silent blackness that separates Earth from Mars.

This is how it works:
The space travelers are sound asleep and will be asleep for the extent of their six-month trip to Mars from Earth, having been placed in an artificially induced state of hibernation called torpor.

141007123605-05-mars-hibernate-horizontal-galleryMedical advances have made stasis possible via a method called therapeutic hypothermia. It renders the patient unconscious by lowering the body temperature. But doctors usually induce it for only three or four days at a time, not the 180 days it would take for astronauts to get to Mars from Earth, nor the 180 it would take to get back to Earth.

The two-week torpor periods would be straddled, so that there is always one astronaut who is awake for a brief period.

The colleague currently awake could check in on the other ones who are still unconscious to make sure their intravenous feeding tubes are clear, and urine removal systems and so on are working properly.

141007123540-02-mars-hibernate-horizontal-galleryHe can also communicate with Earth. He can check emails.

Then after two or three days, he wakes up the next astronaut by activating a heating system that brings his or her body temperature up to normal.

Then the awakened astronaut straps the other into the hibernation module, hooks up the medical systems and inserts a body cooling tube through a nostril. Heating pads behind the astronaut make sure the nasal tube doesn’t cool down their body too much.

A temperature drop of only about five degrees Fahrenheit is necessary — from 98.6 to about 93 degrees.

141007123548-03-mars-hibernate-horizontal-galleryTrace amounts of sedatives in the feeding line would suppress the astronaut’s shiver reflex.

The habitat unit housing the sleepers would rotate to create centrifugal force simulating gravity. That would help to mitigate the reduction in bone density that naturally occurs in zero gravity.

141007123556-04-mars-hibernate-horizontal-galleryThey can be stacked up in small habitats; with minimal metabolism, they don’t need as much food, no daily change of clothes. Exercise equipment is replaced by electrodes that stimulate their muscles while they’re asleep.

That saves lots of space and altogether more than half the weight of the fully equipped rocket that it would take to transport a crew that was not sleeping through the voyage in torpor.

After six weeks of travel to Mars, the astronauts would face a 500-day mission on the barren Mars planet’s surface. Then they’d have to endure another 180 days in the cramped rocket to get home to Earth. Therapeutic hypothermia would also allow space agencies to pack more astronauts into one ship. That’s vital to meeting an often-mentioned possible ultimate goal for travel to Mars!